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United States

A friend in every city, everywhere. Travel with LocalEyez

Experience travel in a new way, there are so many things to know when visiting a city or country and there is no better way to experience local activities than getting a guide directly from locals. I created a quick mockup for client to pitch investors.

UI/UX Branding Website Design Mobile App Design

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Interactive Learning Mobile App - Learning as part of daily life

A new way to learn, learn from the things around you. Joybird is an interactive learning mobile application for anyone to take lessons based on their field of interest in a specific geolocation, think of it as Pokemon GO but for educational purpose.

UI/UX Design Sketch Mobile Application

IOS & Android - Coming soon!
Sensual Apple Massage

Czech Republic

Get massage in Prague

A British client interested in starting a massage business in Prague, consulted with I to create an online portfolio for their idea and marketing strategy to get into the market. I did a research on their business, created a test campaign to validate it's potential and build up their brand based on my findings.

HTML5 CSS3 UI/UX Design Development Marketing

Sensual Apple Massage

United States


Client saw my work and liked it, contacted I to design and develop their own e-commerce version of their store which was previously on Amazon. I iterated on several versions with client until I got to a solution that was acceptable, functionality responsive for users and search engines friendly.

HTML5 CSS3 UI/UX Design Development Search Engine Optimization


United States

nAbleMD EMR and Practice Management solutions

nAbleMD contacted me requesting for a better version of their site, with their detailed requirements, I was able to turn an idea to reality.

HTML5 CSS3 Development



Exposition stands in Singapore

I created a solution that makes it easier for people interested in attending exhibitions in Singapore to find and book stands online through Micexpo. I came up with a solution by creating a system that is well-designed and functionality responsive.

HTML5 CSS3 UI/UX Design Development



Blogging and donation website for Jewish community

Same client as Brightechshop wanted a simple blogging and donation website for their Jewish community. I simply came up with a clean and simple website that serves the purpose of their needs.

HTML5 CSS3 UI/UX Design Development

Jana Towers

Czech Republic

Real estate service in Czech Republic

A simple and responsive business website for JanaTowers to showcase their offers for apartments in Prague. The site is built with multilingual languages and a simple CRM for client to manage their offers.

HTML5 CSS3 Design Development

Kamila Harris Home

Czech Republic

Kamila Harris Home

Found me via meetup, Kamila is very passionate about interior designs and makes her own fabric cuttons. She had an idea on how to expand and grow her own startup, so I helped give her idea visibility by creating a simple and intuitive website as a portfolio to showcase her brilliant work.

HTML5 CSS3 UI/UX Design Development Wordpress

Kamila Harris Home


Business website for Maxbooking

German booking website for tours, client does not want JS but would like to use HTML5. Our solution was using the combination of media queries, cross-browser HTML5 tags to create a business website that was not only responsive on mobile apps but also SEO friendly.

HTML5 CSS3 UI/UX Design Development

Startupjobs Nigeria


Finding jobs in startups in Nigeria

For startups, finding talent can be quite hard and stressful as they don’t have the resources or time to waste. I decided to create a platform that makes it easy for startups to connect with local talents in Nigeria.

HTML5 CSS3 UI/UX Design Development

Startupjobs Nigeria

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