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Solving the world's problems with design

My story

My name is Shina Charles Memud, I am a UI/UX designer (was a front-end developer) based in Prague, I use my designs to tell stories by creating a delightful experience for the product users. I engage deeply, strategically and skillfully with my clients to help them master the digital economy, understand change (which is inevitable) and deliver what users need through product thinking.

I have helped my clients designed products in the US, donate to charity in Isreal, bringing interactive education to China and constantly contributing my fair share to the startup community in Nigeria.

The future is bright and there are many areas I can use design to make positive impact, from UX in cars to designing a better voting system. I certainly want to be part of the change and contribute significantly in creating a better world.

My Tools

What I do wouldn't have been possible without the amazing tools that helped made my work easier, both commercial and open-source tools.

Sketch, InVision, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Font Awesome, Freepik, unsplash, Slack, Flinto, Sublime Text



Partners with other skills


Lucie Reznickova

Graphic Designer

Helping with graphic related projects

Tomas Pukta


Helping with programming related projects